We are delighted to announce that Thatto Heath Crusaders ARLFC are the recipient of the Queens Award for Voluntary Service 2017.

The award bestowed upon the club by the Queen recognises the efforts of all of the volunteers across the club both on and off the field and to our knowledge is the first ever presented to a Rugby League Club.

We are so very proud of all of the hard work our volunteers do in the third sector which is unpaid and at many times unrecognised.

A Club is unfairly judged only by its success on the field but we all have to be much more than a successful sports club. We recognise that in good and bad times we have an influence on our local communities and take our roles very seriously. Our volunteers are the best in the UK at what they do and this award is a testimony to every person who is volunteering at the club or has contributed in any way in the past.

We would like to put on record and thank our local Councillors McCauley and Charlton for their input and Mel Mulcahy formally of Helena Partnerships who assisted in our nomination. 

To the Rugby League for their kind words of support and to the Deputy Lieutenants of Merseyside Alan Chick and David Steer QC for their direction.

Anybody can play Rugby but it takes a class team to be recognised by your country for its endeavours. We thank and praise all who give their time and energy selflessly.

Very Proud Chairman

Mike Denning

Thatto Heath Crusaders ARLFC

Queens Award for Voluntary Service 2017