Thatto Heath Crusaders 20-40 Warrington Wolves

A slow start after two weeks off due to the weather, but the girls were able to up their game and put in a good defensive effort, particularly by Zoe on her debut.  A number of completed sets saw us camped on Warrington’s try line and two tries from Layla brought the score back to 10-18 at half time.

The second half started slow, but yet again we regathered ourselves and a barnstorming run from Hollie onto a great little pass from Mia saw us cross the try line again in addition to Layla completing her superb hat-trick.

Playing without subs was tough, but being out-numbered almost 2:1 made it even more difficult, but the girls kept going right to the end and their fitness levels showed.

We know what we need to work on and we will.  The girls should not be dis-heartened.  This was only the second game of the season and each and every one of them are showing massive signs of improvement and should be very proud of themselves.