This will be a Season none of us will forget for many reasons. Whilst as a club we have seen a massive improvement in our facilities, we all have sadly been affected by Coronavirus in different ways which are too many to record here.

This will be a Season none of us will forget for many reasons. Whilst as a club we have seen a massive improvement in our facilities, we all have sadly been affected by Coronavirus in different ways which are too many to record here.

We are involved in a tremendous sport which has family as one of its core values as well as determination and a strong worth ethic. In no other time during my tenure have I known all of these attributes to be so valuable as to enable us to get through this pandemic.

I want to personally thank each and every one of our players and members who have contributed to the success of our Club this year in so many ways as well as the staff who had to adapt to furlough and then returned when they could, and to our coaches and administrators who have worked tirelessly to ensure Rugby League remains at the heart of our Community.

The financial contributions people have made, together with the sacrifices, have ensured that we are stronger together and looking forward to a bright future.


We are a club of approximately 500 playing members spread across an age groups from 7 to Over 18. Our teams compete in several different leagues hosted by the North West Youth and Junior, North West Men’s, National Conference League and Girls Rugby League. All of the leagues have their own competition rules but the operational rules for game are managed by the RFL.

The RFL are our National Governing Body and are responsible for referees, insurance, safeguarding, drugs in sport and concussion protocols. Not all of the leagues we operate in are directly run by the RFL.

Our members are subject to the operational rules which we promote via our website to ensure all of our Coaches and volunteers are kept abreast of changes in the rules and any new practices that maybe adopted.

All of our members are subject to a DBS check prior to volunteering and those that are Head Coaches have a recognised qualification which is sourced via the RFL Coachwise programme. We have First Aid operatives across the club who are certified to the required standards and have a selection of volunteers who are trained in the use of the defibrillators which are held on site.

Our Club is a not-for-profit members club which is governed by our constitution which is reviewed each year. We have an annual AGM at which the accounts, independently prepared, are approved by the members present.

We pride ourselves on having an inclusive club to welcome and include all, regardless of gender, race, disability, sexual orientation or religion. We have a fair membership scheme which considers those members who from time to time suffer severe hardship.

We have had no issues to report in the year in breach of any of the rules by which we are governed. We have a transparent reporting system which is modified from time to time on advice from the NGB or appropriate agencies.

As a club we receive from time to time external funding to assist in our development. We continue to receive public funding and the assets are charged to Sport England for grants received for the building of the Clubhouse, training barn and this year the Hybrid pitch with floodlights and irrigation system. We recognise that we have a duty to work with the public funders to deliver on the outcomes which are the subject of the funding.


Covid for everybody has been the talking point throughout the Season. Any objectives we hoped to achieve in the Season where always going to be extremely difficult to attain when survival was the only objective for most community clubs.

Despite Covid and as a direct result of the hard work of the Clubs administrators, supported by the benevolence of the members, the club has not only survived but shone brightly in dark times.

Our total playing numbers increased and the younger Tots and Cubs Sections are thriving. We had success on the field with the NCL Open Age Team being crowned Champions, the 18’s boys Lancashire Champions and 14’s boys League Champions.

The Under 16’s Girls finished runners up in National Premier Division and also in the Grand Final, both being the highest place ever by a Girls team at Thatto Heath/St Helens.

Our Under 13’s, who voluntarily stepped down a division at the start of the season, are now a game away from winning their championship, but will have secured promotion having replaced several key players lost the Season before.

The Under 12’s Section are now fielding two full teams playing each week, including some players with behavioural problems and on the Autistic Spectrum

We do not only measure success in terms of trophies but the numbers of players engaging in the sport, and diversity and inclusion are all testament to the success of a Club. We do this better than any club I know which puts us at the top of the tree for community clubs in any sport. The awarding of the Queens Award for volunteer services can be no more appropriate this year than in any year before.

Off the field we managed the process of the installation of a new hybrid pitch which will give our members so much more training and playing opportunities in the future. The Floodlights have been a great success towards the end of the Season with all ages being able to train and play under the new lights. I am extremely proud that we are part of this Sport England pilot scheme in Rugby League, together with Siddal of Halifax. The pitch and associated lighting, drainage and irrigation cost over £ 500 000.00 plus VAT which was funded in the main by a RLWC Grant via Sport England and the RFL, ST Helens MBC and Club funds. It was a risk, but one we believe we had to take to improve the experience for our members.

As we close the door on 2020/2021, I cannot close without once again thanking every single person who is associated with the club for their support and assistance in any small or large way. It all counts. Let us never forget those we have lost and where COVID took us, but use it has the spur for health and happiness in the future.

2021/2022 – strategic plan

For the forthcoming Season we are setting realistic and attainable goals in which the whole club has to play a part.
I have summarised some of the main issues below against which we will monitor our success and the end of the next Season:-

  1. Communication with members – the creation of a new database which will allow direct communication with all members, keeping them abreast of developments at the club and an access point for new volunteers who can play a part in our great club
  2. Completion of outside catering unit – we have the unit onsite donated by Vinci Construction and are awaiting planning permission and environmental approval
  3. Fence Surround – this on our wish list – to raise enough money to fence off our asset and protect the same when not in use
  4. Green Strategy – to review the Clubs carbon footprint and to make changes, finances permitting, to reduce our use of fossil fuels and cut costs
  5. Women’s Team – up until the Women’s Super League commenced, we had the most successful open age women’s team in RFL history. We have to try to re-establish those days for our current crop of girls , and bolster the girls section in preparation.
  6. Build on the success of all of our teams by concentrating on support for coaches and improving their experiences at the club, giving them the tools to make our players the best they can be.