Chairmans Welcome

As we enter a new Season please accept my good wishes for 2019 and I hope that you get from your club everything that you put into it.

We have made some great strides over the years and we are all very proud of the successes and improvements we have made as we continue our journey to becoming the largest amateur RFL Club in the country. We cannot stand still and your management committee undertake to continue to improve your experience at Thatto Heath Crusaders both on and off the field. We welcome your input and encourage your ideas.

This year we need to prioritise our communications across the club and to improve our financial stability. As a two-point approach the management committee have voted to increase our monthly member’s fees to £12.00 per month, with the usual discounts for family memberships (50% reduction for 2nd/3rd child) and of course taking into account any hardship cases.

This is the first raise we have had in over five years and in that time we have spent considerable amounts in improving the playing area and introducing the training barn. This marginal increase will assist in carrying out further improvements and I am sure you will agree remains outstanding value for money.

In line with this increase we are insisting that all members complete an online member’s registration form that gives us the information we need to hold, and to better target our communications. As part of the membership we require each paying member to complete a Direct Debit form to replace your existing standing order. This will take some time but it is a crucial process for your club.

Collecting and reconciling members monthly subs payments is a massive administrative task for a club of our size. Whilst the previous process worked well for many of our members it was still very much a manual process to manage. I have to insist that this new process is adopted by all our members and everyone completes the online membership form and direct debit mandate (or arranges to pay their yearly members fee in full).

Player registration cards will be released by the club on successful completion of the above. If you have any problems completing the process, please refer to your team manager for assistance.

We will as always consider any cases of hardship. Please refer again to your team manager.

Please co-operate with your team and section managers so that this exercise can be completed quickly.

I thank you for your co-operation and I look forward to communicating with you regularly throughout the Season.

Best Wishes

Mike Denning
Thatto Heath Crusaders ARLFC